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Ukraine's IT Workforce: Resilience and Growth

Ukraine's IT Workforce: Resilience and Growth

In recent times, Ukraine has become a global player in Information Technology (IT). Even amidst challenges, like a war with Russia, Ukraine's IT industry has thrived and greatly helped the nation. This article explores Ukraine's IT workforce, showing its strength, growth, and impact.

IT Pros Back to Work: Tough and Strong

In April 2022, a DOU survey found that 91% of Ukraine's IT pros were back at work. This tells us a lot about these professionals' dedication. Despite the war, they chose to stay and support their country. This commitment has made the IT industry a key player in Ukraine's economy during hard times.

Keeping Up the Work

After the war began, about 50,000 to 57,000 IT experts left Ukraine. Surprisingly, 64% of them were women, and they still paid taxes in Ukraine. Around 228,000 IT experts stayed in Ukraine and kept working. This shows the IT industry's ability to adapt and succeed despite challenges.

What's more, even though many IT experts left Ukraine, they haven't stopped helping. This group of IT pros now forms a support network, working together and sharing knowledge to make Ukraine's IT industry even stronger.

The Return of the Diaspora: Hope for Ukraine

Since the war started, over 3 million people have come back to Ukraine out of about 7 million who left. They want to help rebuild Ukraine, and this shows their dedication. These people are ready to invest their time, energy, and knowledge to make Ukraine stable again.

Price and Quality: A Winning Combo

In 2020, Ukraine's IT workforce was ranked the best in Eastern Europe for providing high-quality services at competitive prices. This recognition shows that Ukraine is a great choice for international businesses looking for IT solutions.

A Huge Leap in 25 Years

In the last 25 years, Ukraine's IT sector has come a long way. It grew from being small to a large, smart industry with nearly 300,000 pros. It's still growing at a rate of 25-30% each year. This growth helps Ukraine's economy and makes Ukraine a global IT center.

Supporting Ukraine's IT Growth with Develop with Ukraine

Ukraine's IT industry's remarkable growth and resilience have not gone unnoticed. Initiatives like Develop with Ukraine are supporting the nation's IT ecosystem. Develop with Ukraine empowers IT professionals and businesses, further strengthening Ukraine's position in the global IT landscape.


Ukraine's IT workforce is a story of strength, dedication, and growth. Despite tough times, these IT pros stay committed to Ukraine's recovery. Known for quality work at good prices, Ukraine's IT industry is ready to shape the country's future. As Ukraine rebuilds, its IT pros lead the way, showing how resilience and innovation can create progress and hope, with initiatives like Develop with Ukraine providing essential support.

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