Develop with Ukraine

Develop with Ukraine

Let Freedom Reign in Ukraine

Develop with Ukraine (DwU) is a coalition of Ukrainian software developers and US supporters who are working together to help put Ukrainians back to work, building back the Ukrainian economy, and working to promote freedom, democracy, and liberty in Ukraine.

About Us

DwU is a consortium of Ukrainian-based IT developers and their US-partners

Ukrainian IT companies donate most of the profits from projects to humanitarian needs to support freedom and democracy in Ukraine

​All commercial agreements are US-based, as are rates and fees

All donations to DwU are exclusively used for marketing & promoting DwU

Companies that Join the Initiative

We are very proud that these companies have joined us!


Zfort Group is a full-cycle IT services company focused on the latest technologies. They have 20+ years of experience in building innovative and industry-specific software products their clients are truly proud of.


KOOP is a full-service US-based IT services & management consulting agency with specialization in IT management consulting including project/program management, business analysis, organizational change management, strategic management consulting, portfolio and PMO management, and IT advisory services.


They leverage software offshore development specialists from Ukraine coupled with onshore US-based management consultants who provide project management, business analysis, and IT advisory services to deliver your next software development project on time, on budget, on scope, and at quality each and every time.


Blockchain Development

Apply Blockchain to streamline operations, payments, make your processes secure and fully trusted. It’s a leading disruptive technology especially for banking, infosec, supply chain, healthcare, and government.

AI Development

Smart AI solutions change the world around us, powering the transformation of entire industries, and revolutionizing employee and customer experiences. In this rapid pace of AI development no industry will be left untouched.

​Digital Transformation

We help in creating amazing customer journeys that promote higher customer satisfaction & revenue per transaction while lowering operating costs. Giving today’s customers what they’re looking for: rich, dynamic, secure, self-service digital channels.

Web and Mobile Development

We do everything from ideation through requirements, analysis, design, coding, testing, deployment, and support, as well as anything in between or beyond.

​Custom Development

We provide custom software development services for startups, mid-sized businesses, and established enterprises.

​IT Consulting

To complement our offshore development services, we also provide onshore project management, product management, business analysis, scrum masters, and IT advisory consulting services through our US-based partners.

Who Supports Us

Donney J, Healthcare Executive

"My organization hired them to build our website. They worked within our budget to deliver a high-quality platform. They communicated clearly and on regular basis to make sure the project was done correctly. I appreciated the great insight that they provided when sharing best practices."

Robert I, Co-founder of a startup

"They took on a live project and improved the stability of the web application to support the development of new features, including a new platform for premium properties. They’re currently developing a mobile app for us."

Justin L, Founder & CEO

"I was looking for Eastern European developers and I interviewed five or six of them. Zfort Group was the most responsive and dedicated in terms of the resources."

Three Ways to Help the Initiative

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Latest News

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most popular questions.

  • Ukrainian Offshore Development Today

    ● Ukraine was and is the biggest European hub for tech talent. In 2021, the IT industry generated 4% of the country’s GDP or $6.8 billion in exported services.
    ● 200K+ software development specialists in the Ukraine prior to the war (2021) … they’re still here.
    ● Ukrainian software development specialists bring previous expertise developing software in various industries such as healthcare, real estate, logistics, banking, and commerce.
    ● Lower cost of living in Ukraine versus Western Europe and North American means Ukrainian developers typically charge a lower rate than their counterparts living and working in those other regions.

  • Language spoken

    ● Majority of Ukrainian IT specialists can easily communicate in English.
    ● For those who don't speak English yet, there is a Project Manager available to help with communication.

  • Why it is worth working with Ukrainian developers?

    ● Helping to build back the Ukrainian economy by creating income that is put back into the Ukrainian economy in terms of purchased goods and services.
    ● Supporting the fight against tyranny and the suppression of freedom and liberty of the Ukrainian people, and all democracies across the globe.
    ● Hiring elite global technology & development talent at highly competitive rates for great value.
    ● Doing the right thing by showing America is aligned with and supports the Ukraine and democracies everywhere.

  • Power supply, Internet connectivity

    ● In most regions of Ukraine power supply is very stable, available 99.9%+ of the time.
    ● Internet connectivity is still the best in Europe, with 100Mbps being the slowest option.

  • Payment methods

    ● Bank wire transfer is the most popular option
    ● Cryptocurrency is often accepted as well